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Office Policies


Our goal at South River Pediatrics is to provide you and your child with convenient, accessible, high quality medical care. In order for us to assure convenience and accessibility to all of our patients, it is important that patients arrive timely for all scheduled appointments. We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to update or complete the necessary paperwork. If you are unable to keep your appointment; it is important that you cancel 24 hours in advance for Well Visit appointments or Consults and 3 hours in advance for a Sick or Follow Up appointment. This policy allows us to make better use of our available appointments for those patients in need of medical care.

Well Visit Notice

During your child's well visit for preventative care, you may be asked to complete certain screening questionnaires. We use these items to help us assess both development and health exposures during your child’s growth. We feel strongly that these are necessary and important to your child’s overall well-being, and we follow the guidelines for preventative health screening as set forth by the AAP and the Maryland State Board of Health.

We will submit to your insurance for these services. If your insurance does not cover these services, you will be responsible for the balance. Please feel free to discuss this with our billing department if there are any concerns or questions or your insurance carrier to inquire about coverage. Additionally, your provider can help you understand what these screenings are for and when they are most important for your child.

Don't schedule your child’s physical exam on his or her birthday. Many insurance providers don't consider it a 5-year old physical until the day after the birth date. For annual physical exams, many insurance companies do not cover two physicals within a one year period. Please check with your insurance company to verify coverage for physicals if you have questions.

Combination Visitis

With the changes in insurance there are certain expectations, but these are things we expect from you. Please have some respect and consideration for our time and profession:

  • No co-pays are required for most preventative care services (or care provided to Medicaid-enrolled children.)
  • Many times parents have extra concerns about their child’s health or behavior that requires extra time and is not part of a routine preventative care visit.
  • For the convenience of children and families, and when schedules permit, we try to address these added problems as part of your child’s well visit/check-up office visit. In this situation, as per guidelines developed by AMA and American Academy of Pediatrics, we will bill for the added office visit time.
  • Several insurance companies are now asking that we collect a co-pay from families when we address these extra problems in addition to the check-up visit.
  • If more convenient, we can also schedule a separate appointment to address these additional health concerns.
  • Our goal is to deliver the very best care to your child and family – comprehensive, convenient and fairly priced.

Lateness, Cancellations, & No Shows

We ask that you arrive for your appointment on time. Late arrivals increase wait times for other patients. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for a Well visit your appointment may need to be rescheduled. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your Sick visit you will forfeit your scheduled appointment time. Late arrivals for Sick appointments will be offered the next available appointment so that patients who arrived on time can be seen as scheduled.

A "No Show" appointment is an occurrence where the patient does not show up for an appointment and does not cancel the appointment in advance according to our cancelation policy. If you do not show up for your appointment and you do not cancel the appointment in advance, according to our office policy we will record in your medical record as a "No Show" and you will be charged a "No Show" fee.

Appointment Cancelations that are not made within our policy guidelines will also be subject to a Cancelation fee. The "No Show" and "Cancelation" fees are $50.00 for a Well Visit/Consult and $25.00 for a Sick/Follow-Up appointment.


South River Pediatrics processes prescription refills on weekdays only. When requesting refills, your chart has to be reviewed by your physician before a prescription can be filled. Our office requires up to three business days to process all prescriptions. If your child is on a medication that is refilled on a monthly basis, please plan accordingly when requesting prescriptions. Controlled substances cannot be called into the pharmacy.


School, day care, sports physicals and other forms require 3-5 business days to complete unless presented at the time of a well-child visit. Forms dropped off, except during well child visits, require a $10 processing fee. We may fax or mail forms back to you, but we do ask for a self-addressed stamped envelope for mailing.


In the event that you/your child require a referral to see a specialist, you must first schedule the appointment before one may be written. Our office requires up to five business days to process a referral. For referrals, please call our office, follow the prompt for the referral line and leave all pertinent information for it to be processed. We are under legal obligation to all insurance companies to process referrals according to Maryland State Law.

Medical Records

In the event of the transferring of care to another practitioner, medical records for your child may be requested to be copied for transfer. A Records Release Form must be signed for chart information to be released as well as a fee collected prior to copying. (Please inquire about this fee as it fluctuates per Maryland State Law). Records can either be collected in person or faxed over to the new office to which your child will be or has transferred to, as long as the information is provided on the aforementioned form.

All records are property of South River Pediatrics. We are permitted by Maryland law to charge commercial insurance companies a processing/copying fee per patient as well as a postage fee. See www.odg.state.md.us for additional information on this particular law. If anyone other than the physician requests medical records, there will be an additional $22.88 fee. Our fee is .76 cents per page plus postage.

Single, Separated, or Divorced Parents

For single, separated, or divorced parent(s) who is/are authorized to bring the child in for treatment will be responsible for any co-payment/deductible or co-insurance balance. If there is a divorce decree requiring the other parent to pay such charges, the authorized parent will be responsible for collecting said charges from the other parent and presented at time of service.

Unless South River Pediatrics has a court order(s) that states the contrary, our office is legally obligated to disclose medical information to both parents/legal guardians. If at any time legal matters become too intrusive for our staff, we reserve the right to dismiss the patient from our practice.

Personal Belongings

It is understood and agreed that the practice shall not be responsible for any loss, theft, misplacement, or damage to any valuables and personal belongings while inside the premises of the practice or outside the premises in the parking lot or other areas around the professional building.

Grounds of Dismissal

  • Non-payment of patient responsible balances in a timely manner
  • Multiple missed appointment
  • Profane, abusive, or demeaning language to staff