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Newborn Care

After the baby is born, the next visit should be no more than 5 days after delivery.

If you deliver outside of the hospital setting, we perform an initial newborn examination within the first twenty-four (24) hours of birth at one of our offices. Your Newborn MUST receive the Vitamin K injection and Erythromycin eye ointment at birth. After twenty hours (24) of life, your newborn MUST receive the Newborn screen genetic testing (known as the PKU) and the Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening. A hearing screen will need to be performed, and you will be referred out to an audiologist for this test if not done before discharge. We also recommend your newborn receives the Hepatitis B vaccination at the time of your first visit or prior to your discharge.

Going home with a new baby is exciting, but it can be scary, too. Newborns have many needs, like frequent feedings and diaper changes. Babies can have health issues that are different from older children and adults, like diaper rash and cradle cap.

Your baby will go through many changes during the first year of life. You may feel uneasy at first. Ask your health care provider for help if you need it.
(Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine)